Two souls

Holding my face
I think I can barely take it
Not because of passion
But, intentional gentleness
Your lips touch mine-
And, suddenly, a butterfly
Stretches it’s wings so softly against my mouth
Yet so earnestly, as a suckling lamb
It tells me I need you
And I will wait ‘till we have grown and galloped from our pens
A spared sacrifice in the form of
Two souls



If I see one more thing about Mark Driscoll, I’m going to scream. I’m as appalled as the next person, but a lot of people should be ashamed of the way they’re spreading this gossip and ashamed of the hate they’re spewing in the name of Christianity.

I take serious issue with individuals who keep…

Amen. Beautifully said.

Thoughts 7/29

Tumblr can’t fill you. Pictures, poems and popularity can’t fill you.

Jesus can fill you.

Humble pie can be a good thing, I should know.

I think we as a Christian community on this site should support each other more. Everyone has their own battle.

Sometimes it’s better to pray and think before sharing opinions.

Sometimes it’s better to not keep personal secrets.

There comes a time, now in my life, when the vintage like photos of cuddling couples or handsome men that girls post don’t make my heart flutter.

Just numb.

I also read this tonight: “Depression and anxiety are not signs of weakness. They are signs you’ve tried to be strong for too long.”

I like that.

Though many have turned away from me and I from them, I’m grateful for my closest friends. I’m grateful for my home, my bed, for a cool summer night.

But again, just Jesus. However that looks. See the Man on the cross. See the man risen with punctured hands. I can’t wait to meet Him. It makes me cry.

The point I want us to see in this prayer is that inexhaustible grace is the basis of our covenant affirmations. We are not taking a deep breath this morning and saying: ‘Here goes, I’ll give it my best shot.’ Instead we are saying: ‘With such a God as this, there is hope that I will get the help I need, and when I stumble and repent, he will forgive me and have me back. And I will press on in the promises I have made.’
John Piper